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Twin ShredderTwin Shaft Shredder


Twin Shaft Shredder

Twin Shaft Shredder

Twin Shaft Shredder

The double shaft crusher overcomes the disadvantages of traditional high-power crushers. The double shaft crusher is suitable for the crushing of other irregularities such as plastic products, wood, electric cables, wood boards, paper products, aluminum cans, and rubber products.


Ten characteristics

■ The two-group cutter shaft structure, hexagonal cutter shaft, uses multiple pieces of multi-claw cutters, and cooperates with the cutter shaft to make multi-angle changes, saves labor and cutting force, and exhibits strong crushing ability.

■ The tool is made of special steel material, hardened by heat treatment, long service life, and can be used for single chip replacement and welding.

■ The electric motor directly connects the planetary gears and then transmits the transmission structure through the gearbox transmission system, making it a powerful operation with low rotational speed and high torque, and it is easy to achieve a crushing effect.

■ The large-sized transmission gear is made of special steel, hardened by heat treatment, and the gear box is immersed in oil-type lubrication. The operation is smooth, low noise, large torque, long-time operation, and longer service life.

■ Low rotational speed and high torque design result in low noise and less dust, improving a good working environment.

■ On both sides of the crushing space, a certain distance is separated from the position of the wear plate and the bearing, and the bearing can be protected when the material is broken.

■ The crushing knife and the spacer are equipped with a half-moon type inner collar, a locking outer casing ring and a pressure plate, and the multiple points are loaded with a tight design method, so that the crushing knife can be closely combined with the spacer ring.

■ The crusher and cutter ring can be replaced without having to remove the cutter shaft, transmission gear, reducer and motor.